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Susan Krautbauer
cell:  952-451-9792
IM:  speak2suek
Skype:  speak2suek


  • Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Consulting Services for consumer electronics company. Sourced, vetted ODM providers for new CE project start-up, providing cost reduction through engineering modifications, and developed critical contract manufacturing supply chain, migrating from overseas providers to US-based entities. (UNDER NDA) 

  • Mobility Product. Define the intellectual capital and industry engagement strategy for high-tech start-up seeking investors for innovative niche mobility product. Led New Product Development (NPD) process and developed key intellectual property. Led branding, competitive analysis, and coordination of go-to-market. (UNDER NDA) 

  • Rebranding of non-profit organization; technology infrastructure, social media and web development,– SHIFT
  • Branding and Marketing Project for start-up retail art studio – Brush Studios, Inc.
  • Launch, Growth & Business Model Strategy for luxury service portfolio – Avant Garde Personalized Travel, LLC.
  • Marketing, Business Development & Sales Strategy for human services organization – MCCI, Inc.
  •  Product Design (web), RFI/RFQ & Governance Assistance – Career Life Alliance, Inc. 



  • CompTIA - 2016 Leadership and Service Award, Mobility Community
  • Executive Council Member, IT Service & Support. CompTIA  2015-Present
  • Governance Board, CompTIA  2012-2016
  • SHIFT-IN Career Transition.  Founder, Facilitator.  2014-Present
  • Circles:  Exploring Encore Careers, SHIFT.  Facilitator/Speaker 2014
  • Cell Phones For Soliders, Charity Drive Chairperson, CompTIA 2014
  • Executive Council Member, Mobility Community/CompTIA 2013-2014
  • Interview:  The Danger of the Comfort Zone.  Commission Crowd, July 2013.
  • 2013 Woman of Outstanding Leadership; The International Women’s Leadership Association
  • Board of Directors, National Cristina Foundation 2013-2017
  • Board of Directors, Technology; SHiFT 2013-2016
  • Advancing Women in IT Mentor, 2012-2014
  • Industry Excellence Award. Recognized as leading IT industry contributor and excellence in leadership, 2012
  • Community Executive Board, 2011-2013
  • Chair, 2011-2012; Vice Chair, 2010-2011 - IT Service Solution/CompTIA
  • Chair of the Women in IT Council, 2011
  • 2010 Who's Who of Executives, Professionals & Entrepreneurs
  • Cover Article: Targeting the ‘M’ in SMB  ChannelPro Magazine, Nov 2010
  • Industry Excellence Award. Recognized as leading IT industry contributor and excellence in leadership.  2008.
  • 5 and 10 year Service Excellence Awards; Skyline Exhibits.  Award for consistent production excellence spanning a 10-year period. General’s Club Awards for highest award for top 2% producers worldwide.


  • University of Minnesota, Twin Cities – Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Family Social Science
  • Miller Heiman,  Strategic and Conceptual Selling
  • Jack B. Keenan, Marketing Beyond the Product
  • Jill Konrath , Selling to Big Companies
  • Tom Hopkins,  Sales Training
  • Steven Schiffman, Sales Training
  • Steven Covey, Time Management Training

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Areas of Interest: Executive Sales Management | Strategic Accounts and Customer Strategy |Channel & Parnter Alliances

WorkLife Mix vs. WorkLife Balance

by Susan on October 6, 2015 34 Comments

Ruth Porat told Politico that she believes the concept of WorkLife Balance sets all of us up for failure. Porat’s believes that we should integrate our family and our workplace into one fluid entity that allows for priorities to shift based upon the need of the moment.   In theory, this sounds like a great idea and one that we all could get behind – making our personal and our professional lives agile and flexible.  Hip hip hurrah for Ruth…advocating for working families.

Or.  Not.

I would challenge this mindset and ask you to consider what may be workable for highly compensated individuals is not possible for most of the workers in this country.  Ruth Porat's choice to eliminate the borders b

etween family and work may be do-able for execs  - I am confident Ruth probably has an extensive set of paid resources/support systems (nannies, exec assistants, tutors ...

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Midlife Conundrum: Downsize, 2nd Home, Tiny Home, Co-Op Community, McMansion...What's the right choice for you?

by Susan on September 11, 2015 46 Comments

Career changes are not the only big shift midlifers face. For many of us, or for people close to us, midlife becomes a time to find a new home. What should you consider when your home no longer suits your lifestyle, or starts to feel overwhelming?

At the September 14th SHIFT Forum held in Minneapolis, MN, Eunice Neubauer and Dawn Farrington, two professionals who assist people daily in making moves in midlife and later, will offer practical advice on making this important decision:

  • What housing options do you have for your next chapter?
  • What should you look for in a realtor?
  • What’s your next step for information about your home?
  • What housing options are available for aging parents, and how can you take advantage of them?
  • Who’s on your team to help you navigate medical, housing, and emotional issues in housing transitions

Learn more here



Work/Life Balance - you can have it all!

by Susan on August 15, 2015 48 Comments


Would you like to learn the latest strategies for helping your organization's people, your most valuable capital resource, to be more productive, happier and engaged?  Would you like to implement a work/life balance benefit program within your company but aren't sure how to benchmark the program's success for your executives?  Are you struggling to recruit and retain key talent because you aren't offering (or measuring) tele-work and flextime?

These and other critical topics will be the focus of the 6th annual Work/Life Expo on Sept 24th, 2015.  Come and learn about the latest strategies that Wells Fargo, The City of Minneapolis, and other key leaders are employing to address this important topic.   Keynote from Carol Evans, Working Mothers Media.

Register now at:

(This program has been submitted to HRCI and SHRM for 6 continuing education credits.)

Interview with CommissionCrowd

by Susan on July 3, 2013 4 Comments

Award-winning Sales Agent Susan Krautbauer Speaks to CommissionCrowd.

Co-Founder Ryan Matttock spoke with Susan Krautbauer about her thoughts on why freelance sales people are so successful.

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