WorkLife Mix vs. WorkLife Balance

by Susan on October 6, 2015 34 Comments

Ruth Porat told Politico that she believes the concept of WorkLife Balance sets all of us up for failure. Porat’s believes that we should integrate our family and our workplace into one fluid entity that allows for priorities to shift based upon the need of the moment.   In theory, this sounds like a great idea and one that we all could get behind – making our personal and our professional lives agile and flexible.  Hip hip hurrah for Ruth…advocating for working families.

Or.  Not.

I would challenge this mindset and ask you to consider what may be workable for highly compensated individuals is not possible for most of the workers in this country.  Ruth Porat's choice to eliminate the borders b

etween family and work may be do-able for execs  - I am confident Ruth probably has an extensive set of paid resources/support systems (nannies, exec assistants, tutors ...

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